East Texas Coach Talks About Football Player Controversy

A football player from Jasper, who left due to Rita, is not being allowed to play football in Diboll because of his residential status. With talk of a possible lawsuit, one area high school football coach is asking, whatever happened to the simple days of the game.

Alto Fighting Yellow Jackets coach Augustus Moore is serious about the game of football. "I believe you should put a lot of time and effort to be successful at what you do," he said.

Moore, a coach for three years, says Gilbert Moye, the displaced Jasper football player, puts a lot of time and effort into football and should be allowed to play. "It's not his fault about his home or his family losing everything. I know he's a good athlete, I saw him play last year as a sophomore. I don't see why he shouldn't be able to play. We have to learn to look at different situations."

The U.I.L. doesn't see things that way, though. They say that hurricanes Rita and Katrina changed the face of high school football. On their website they have rules posted concerning evacuee athletes.

Coach Moore says rules are rules, but the game is about the player and not the schools. "I think the city of Diboll and Jasper ought to get together as coaches with the U.I.L. and see what they can do as far as letting this kid play." In the meantime, Gilbert Moye will have to watch the game he loves from the sidelines.