Evacuees Say "Thanks" To Moscow Church

by Larry Little

Members of a Moscow church say they were just doing the right thing by trying to help stranded evacuees before hurricane Rita. Although the evacuees are not at the church anymore, they've sent over $2000 in donations and there is still a bond between the church and the evacuees it housed.

Weeks after Rita, the thank you letters from evacuees continue to pour into the Moscow First Baptist Church. Folks in this small congregation stood on Highway 59 directing evacuees to their church for food and water. Yes, they say it was kindness but they saw people in need, and that's what church is about.... going beyond the church walls to help.

"Then we were just flagging people in telling them to come over to the church and rest. They said how long can we stay, the preacher said stay until the storm is over." says church member Robbie Cook.

By this time the church had over 200 evacuees and needed food. Folks in Moscow and Casina's Meat Market donated food to help feed those fleeing the storm. The owner of the store, Ms. Casina even volunteered her time.

Bertha Casina, like most folks living here, spent many hours helping evacuees at the church. Days later, trapped inside her burning home, she found herself in need. Unfortunately help didn't arrive soon enough and she lost her life.

First Baptist Pastor Robert Jones says Ms. Casina was one person who made a difference. And this congregation though small in number will make a difference also, with their big hearts.