Flu Season Is Here

by Jessica Cervantez

Flu season is here. Over the next few weeks area doctors will be treating more and more flu cases. That is why they are encouraging people to get their flu shots.

The morning's cold snap is a reminder that flu season is already here. East Texas doctors have already seen their first cases for the year.

Dr. Andrew Fercowicz, a family physician, said, "It usually starts with small children three or four-months-old. Then it spreads to other communities. We'll see it like five or six weeks after."

In the coming weeks, doctors offices will be filled with sick patients, their message...get your flu shot now.

"Don't procrastinate, get them now," Dr. Fercowicz said.

Area doctors have stocked up and don't anticipate any type of flu vaccine shortage this year.

"From our sources, the government has already bought 71-million doses of the vaccine and they can get more if needed."

Getting a flu shot is the best way to protect yourself from the flu. It also doesn't hurt to wash your hands frequently, and cover your mouth when you cough and sneeze to prevent the virus from spreading.

High-risk groups for getting the flu include young children, senior citizens, especially those in nursing homes, healthcare workers, pregnant women, and people, with certain health conditions.