The Message Behind Red Ribbon Week

by Jessica Cervantez

It is a special week for East Texas students. It is Red Ribbon Week, a week that carries an important message.

Tuesday was "wear red day" at Brandon Elementary. It is a way students are showing they are drug-free. Many are pledging to stay away from drugs.

Casey Minshew, a fifth grader, said, "Drugs are bad for you and they could kill you."

Fifth graders got a lesson on the harm drugs can cause.

Alayna Benett, another fifth grader, said, "Cigarettes have tar in it and tar is from the road. It's not very safe to at least do cigarettes."

As more and more studies show that kids are trying drugs at an earlier age, this is the prime time for students to learn about making good choices.

Officer Ben Vaughn, who is over the DARE program, said, "Drug use does start at an earlier age than it used to, that tells us the prevention aspect needs to start a little big young, at least kind of planting the seed."

All week children will celebrate Red Ribbon Week with many activities, the message..."Don't Do Drugs."