Hall of Famer doesn't like What the Astros are Missing

Astros first Series team in half-century without black player

HOUSTON (AP) _ Joe Morgan worries about the face of baseball.

Watching the World Series, the Hall of Famer is troubled by what he


His old team, the Houston Astros, is down 2-0 to the Chicago

White Sox, but it's not their lineup that concerns Morgan. It's

their makeup.

The Astros are the first World Series team in more than a

half-century with a roster that doesn't include a single black


Morgan says it's a predicament and a challenge for Major League

Baseball. While more players from around the world are making it to

the majors -- Japan, Korea, for example -- the number of blacks is


He says -- quote -- "It's a daunting task to get

African-American kids into baseball, and I don't see the trend