Downtown Directions Change - | Lufkin and Nacogdoches, Texas

10/26/05 - Lufkin

Downtown Directions Change

by Ramonica R. Jones

The days of few and far between parking spaces, narrow roads, and crowded streets in downtown Lufkin are gone. Now, most streets are one-ways.

The changes include Second and Third streets, as well as Lufkin, Shepherd, and Burke avenues. First Street will remain a two-way.

City engineer Debbie Fitzgerald said, "That is actually a state-maintained road. During the project, we were given the authority to do the construction on it, but it will remain a two-way as per TxDOT requirements."

City engineers made the changes to improve downtown driving, but this isn't the first time the conversion has been made.

"Through a process, it was changed back to two-ways. So, we're just going back to the way that it was originally. This should help, certainly with the additional parking spaces that are available now. It makes it much safer; more clearance between the vehicles going through the streets."

The entire downtown construction project started more than a year ago. Bad weather and soil issues put workers behind schedule by about five months. The roads were completely rebuilt; including wider lanes, new water and sewer lines, new sidewalks, and lighting.

The downtown construction project cost the City of Lufkin more than six million dollars.

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