Wife Arrested For Husband's Murder

Marcia Kelly has been arrested. She is suspect number six arrested in connection with the murder of her husband James. With this arrest, the charge has been upgraded to capital murder.

James and Marcia Kelly were married on Valentine's Day two years ago. The woman who raced dragsters with her husband is now accused of his capital murder. Marcia was called in for questioning today. During her interview, authorities were drafting the arrest warrant.

Charges against Kelly's daughter and two 15-year-old boys will also be upgraded to capital murder. Their detention hearing will be Thursday morning at 10:00 in Nacogdoches. Two adults, Billy Loftin Jr. and Dallas Christian, remain in jail now for capital murder.

Kelly was found Sunday morning in his Cushing home with a single bullet wound to the head. Investigators are not releasing any information about the motive.