Daring Rescue Made During Lufkin Apartment Fire

by Larry Little

A fire at Creekside Estates apartments in Lufkin Wednesday night completely destroyed one of those units and damaged several more. Now, it's discovered that neighbors made a daring rescue to get a family out.

Hurbert Johnson stood feet away when fire started in the apartment building.

"I heard, like, some breaking. It was coming from this window right here. The glass was popping off of it because of the heat. When I looked, I saw smoke coming from under the front door."

Hurbert lives downstairs in the charred building, but rather than think about his own home, he rushed to help neighbors who are disabled. It was only a matter of minutes when Hurbert and Alanzo Johnson kicked in the door, and then they had to make their way through smoke and flames.

Everyone made it out safely.

Alonzo and Hurbert, who are hurricane evacuees, say the past few months have been difficult, having to relocate and, now, dealing with smoke and water damage to their apartment. But, they are thankful they were able to help.