Trial Includes Twisted Tales Of Sex, Lies, And Drugs

Elton Reece was back on the witness stand Friday in the trial of his life-long friend and meth supplier, Johnny Lee, and his wife, Rebecca Lee.

Reece read a letter in court he'd written to Johnny Lee while he was in jail. In the letter, Reece asked the Lees to lie and say he was not at their home the day Candice Alexander died.

Lee's sisters also testified Friday. They talked about their brother's history of meth use and trouble with the law. Johnny Lee had been to prison three times, either for drug use or a crime he'd committed while under the influence of drugs.

Maisie Lee told the jury she'd seen Candice do drugs in her bedroom before she was even a teenager. She also told jurors Candice confessed to her that she was depressed because of peer pressure from the kids at school.

Family friend and former fellow meth user, Tom Dooley, testified, the night before she died, Candice kept saying "I'm gonna tell everybody." Rebecca Lee reportedly told him she was threatening to tell about her family's meth use.

Dooley also said Johnny Lee admitted he waited half an hour to call 911 after he found Candice dead. Dooley also talked about allegations involving Elton Reece and pornographic pictures of Candice.

The trial will recess for the weekend. Testimony resumes Monday morning.