Halloween Safety Tips

by Jessica Cervantez

Most kids already know what they are going to be for Halloween, but with all the fun comes safety, especially when it comes to costumes.

Lt. David Young, with the Lufkin police department, said, "Make sure your costume is reflective or put reflective tape on it and that will help with visibility."

Always have an adult near, traveling in crowds is also recommended, and make sure and have flashlights. When you trick or treat, do not forget to be careful with your candy.

Lt. Young said, "We recommend that children don't eat any until they get back home and parents can check the candy."

While some trick or treaters will go door to door, there are alternatives.

During the weekend, many activities including fall festivals, church festivals, scare on the Nacogdoches square will keep trick or treaters busy, but remember safety comes first