National Representatives Are No Longer In East Texas

The Red Cross distribution center in Lufkin sends off fully stocked big rigs to hurricane disaster areas in Florida, but a lot of the food stays right here for East Texas storm victims.

"Folks are continually going by the Red Cross local chapter," said volunteer Elizabeth Futch. "They're picking up food [and] the few clothing items that we have. We'll give them a voucher, and they'll go to the Salvation Army and get clothes [and], possibly, furniture if their home was destroyed and they need new furniture."

National Red Cross volunteers came and went after the storm. They're no longer helping distribute food here.

"Normally, the national sector will come in and they'll cover the area, take care of the emergency needs, and then, when it gets down to where the local chapter can handle it, they pull out and go to the next disaster."

But, local volunteers aren't going anywhere, which makes this a rare operation.

The Red Cross had everything donated by the food bank in Tyler. The supplies are for all evacuees and area residents who lost food after weeks without power.

Anyone who needs help from the Red Cross can stop by the Lufkin office on Denman Avenue and pick up a voucher. You can also help out by donating food to the Red Cross. Please, do not drop off clothes.