Early Voting Numbers Are As Expected

by Jessica Cervantez

Angelina County Resident Bo May said, "If you don't vote, then you can't gripe." Another resident, Erie Hill, said, "It's your right to exercise that right."

That is the message voters have for you. Election Administrator Bill Shanklin expects only about 10% of Angelina County's 45,000 registered voters to cast their ballots.

"Amendment elections never draw too much attention," Shanklin said.

Early voting numbers have been pretty typical so far in Angelina County, but Monday, a lot of voters showed up.

"They are coming out of the walls, and that is gratifying," Shanklin said.

The amendment getting the most attention is number two, the proposition that defines marriage.

Shanklin is noticing that more and more people are researching the amendments before voting, to try and make informed choices. As far as election day, he says it's difficult to estimate how many people will turn out. The weather is always a huge factor.