Police Chief Nominee Waits For Commission's Approval

Lt. Jimmie Sevey describes himself as a straight forward kind of guy, a characteristic true to many West Texans. "I'm a slave to the truth. I will tell you the truth rather you like it or not and hope that working with the truth will help us resolve problems and issues. I don't hide things. I'm very transparent kind of guy," said Sevey.

Sevey is in Nacogdoches waiting to hear if the Nacogdoches City Commission confirms his appointment. The Midland Police commander has 24 years of experience. He promotes community and problem solving policing, but says the approach won't interfere with enforcing the law. Sevey said, "I try not to blur the lines between law agency and social agency."

On narcotics enforcement Sevey supports aggressive street level operations. Yet Midland isn't a member of its regional task force, choosing instead membership with a federal task force.

On race relations Sevey wants to treat everyone the same. The NAACP has endorsed Assistant Police Chief Mike Kelly.

It's widespread knowledge that much of the community and the police force were rooting for Kelly to get the job. Sevey is diplomatic about the controversy. "I hope people will realize I didn't compete against Mike Kelly. I submitted a resume and I hope the people will at least give me a chance."