Rebecca and Johnny Lee Convicted Of Murder

Cody Leger never met his sister Candice Alexander. By the time she was born, he'd already been adopted by the Leger family. That was 20 years ago.

Cody was just nine months old when the state terminated the parental rights of his biological mother, Rebecca Lee. Before he was one year old, he'd already had a broken leg, fractures, a broken arm, and suffered from malnutrition. He's also blind.

After the verdict was read Tuesday, Cody had a message for his mother.

"I don't remember, I have no recollection of it," said Leger. "God, he will prevail. I love you Becky."

Cody and his family didn't even know the murder trial had started. They drove down from their home in Waco, hoping to get some closure.

Cody's father, Danny Leger, said, "Recently, he's been able to win his mother over to the Lord, just before she got incarcerated, and that means more to him than anything, and his goal now is to close this chapter in his life and to seek after the two sisters that remain, and try to bring help to them."

Cody's life is much different from Candice's and his other two half sisters. At 20 years old, he's a singer, songwriter, and an ordained minister. His accomplishments make his past easier to deal with.

Cody said, "I would tell her that I love her and I forgive her and I'm praying for her daily."

Rebecca Lee cried after the verdict was read. She shook her head and told her lawyer, "This is wrong."

Cody Leger has contact with his other two half sisters. He wants to help them commit to Christ and start a new life.