Direct View (CRT) TVs

Direct View (CRT) TVs
Direct view or CRT TVs are the old stand-by, tube-type sets we've all come to know and love. Because these sets use cathode-ray tubes to "paint" the image on the screen, direct-view TVs have a bright, clear picture that can be viewed from any angle in the room.

Photo courtesy Panasonic and Matsushita Electric Corporation of America
A 13-inch CRT TV


  • They produce great pictures with strong colors (especially dark colors).
  • They can be viewed from any angle in any light.
  • You can expect at least five years of serious TV watching before the picture quality starts to degrade.
  • They are relatively inexpensive.


  • They are bulky and heavy.
  • They are limited to about a 40-inch screen size.
  • With the introduction of LCD and Plasma, direct-view TVs days are numbered.
  • With curved-screen direct-view TVs, larger screen size means a greater curve. So while you can get a clear view from any angle, if you're looking at a bigger curved-screen TV from the side, some stuff may be hidden on the other side of the bulge.