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Rear Projection: DLP/Front Projection: DLP

Rear Projection: DLP
DLP (digital light processing) projectors work by manipulating thousands of tiny mirrors on a semiconductor chip. Color is generated by shining a light through a rotating color wheel that has red, green, and blue on it. The now colored beam hits the semiconductor chip to create the image used for projection.


  • They have an excellent picture.
  • They are capable of displaying HDTV at full resolution.
  • They require no maintenance.


  • They are expensive.
  • They have a limited viewing angle.

Front Projection: DLP
DLP projectors are just like their rear-projecting brothers. DLP projectors use scads of tiny mirrors to reflect an image onto the screen.

Photo courtesy Newstream
A digital projector from Sharp


  • They have good black level.
  • Their price is falling (relative to the cost of other FPTV systems).


  • They have poor viewing range.

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