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Connectivity: Your TV is Not an Island

Connectivity: Your TV is Not an Island
If you are buying a television as the centerpiece of your home entertainment center, you should consider the devices you intend to use with your TV. Many devices, such as VCRs and DVD players, offer multiple ways to connect to a television. Some are better than others. The location of these jacks is also something to consider. RCA or S-video jacks on the front of the TV make for easier connections to video game consoles. Use the following chart to understand connectivity.

Satellite and digital cable subscribers -- don't leave the store without a set that has S-video inputs. S-video transmits satellite and digital cable at maximum resolution. Similarly, DVD players and game consoles will blaze when connected with component-video inputs.

Your new TV should have enough of the right kinds of jacks to support your needs. If the TV you love doesn't have all the right jacks, it's not a deal breaker. Ask your sales person to show you splitters or adapters that can help you properly connect all of your peripherals.

HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is on the road to replacing DVI (see chart above) as the standard digital interface for AV equipment. Its greatest advantage is that it transmits audio and video signals together in an uncompressed form. HDMI is backward compatible with DVI.

If you're looking to get an HDTV set-up, it's something you may want to consider. See to learn more.

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