It's A Dangerous Job

An East Texas man is now at home. He's getting some rest after being thousands of miles away from his family for months, working at a potentially dangerous job.

Patrick Dupree was attending college and coming home to East Texas to see his family but, he says, he needed a job.

"At the time I decided to go, I was living hand to mouth. You know how it is when you are in school life. So, I said, this is getting rough, so I decided to work full time and save my money," says Dupree.

He didn't take just any job. He wanted a job with adventure.

"I guess in most men, there is a desire for adventure. There is a desire for risk. It's fulfilled that in me. You can talk to many guys who have been in the service, and they can tell you the exact same thing."

For over a year, Patrick has been working as a contractor in Iraq, supporting our military. Though he's not able to discuss his job duties, he says his days in Iraq are often dangerous.

"No one wants a mortar dropped on their head, but you accept it and move on."

Patrick says his bravery comes from his dad, a decorated military veteran. This week, the Dupree family has been catching up on old times and sharing war stories. Being in Iraq gives Patrick a better appreciation for East Texas.

Going about everyday life is difficult for the Dupree family because they worry about their son, but he makes them proud.

Patrick has now left East Texas. He will return to Iraq November 7th.