Dallardsville Deals With Damage And Debris

Community after community, county after county, Rita left debris and damage everywhere. The tiny town of Dallardsville is no exception.

Donald Moye said, "We got a roof to fix; sheetrock, a lot of repairs. It's just going to take time."

Dallardsville and Big Sandy area residents say it'll take months, maybe even years, to get things cleaned up. They're still looking for help to get hundreds of fallen trees removed.

"You can't find nobody that wants to work, that's able to work," said Moye. "They look for jobs, but if they can't find one now, they're not looking, because they're everywhere. They've got it pretty well piled up ready to burn, but it's still alot of work to go. All the way back in the woods, it's a mess back there."

Of all the areas in Polk County, the Dallardsville and Big Sandy areas were the most devastated by the storm. Some residents spent more than two weeks without electricity.

It may not seem like it, but things are slowly getting back to normal. Dallardsville residents know it'll be a while before things are even close to the way they were.

Like in many other East Texas communities, Big Sandy and Dallardsville area schools housed evacuees during and after the storm. Many homes were destroyed in the storm by fallen trees and limbs. The town is still cluttered with tons of debris waiting for pickup.