Diboll's Recovery From Rita

by Jessica Cervantez

Before, during, and after Hurricane Rita, many communities came together to help storm victims. Diboll city employees are among those who volunteered their help. Those efforts are paying off as Diboll's recovery is going well.

Pretty much everything is back to normal in Diboll, except for some debris that will probably take months to get rid of completely. But, just a few weeks ago, right where Highway 59 passes through the city, there was chaos. Members of the police force did whatever they could to take charge.

Diboll Police Chief Kent Havard said, "We kept the lights on Highway 59 green, and the side roads red so that traffic could flow smoothly."

The city took in about a thousand storm evacuees, sheltering them in schools. It took a community-wide effort to handle the crowds.

Earl Hutson, a Diboll resident, said, "The community really came together."

Piles of debris remain. The city will probably make the piles into wood chips. One thing is certain. going through the storm is an experience Diboll will never forget.