Lufkin Pays Tribute To Area Veterans

Sunday's Angelina County Veteran's Day parade in downtown Lufkin was a red, white and blue celebration fitting for our American heroes.

Veterans we spoke with say the celebration brought a smile to their face and warmth to their heart, as folks in Angelina County came out in record numbers to honor its veterans.

Sunday in downtown Lufkin at the Veteran's parade, folks rode on floats, motorcycles, horses, a Longhorn and more, all waving old glory and saying thanks to veterans.

"I learned that all blood is red and I've learned that every man and women that serves our country is a hero by definition." says Texas Representative Jim McReynolds.

Local vets enjoyed every minute of the parade.

"It's hard to say in words how much I really do appreciate it, because they did come out and show their respect." says veteran Bill Love.

Retired gunnery sergeant Don Dupree spent 20 years in the Marine Corps and it nearly cost him his life.

"It was a b40 rocket that came in on us at Vietnam. It came in and took out 7 of us. One killed and 2 emergency medivac."

But he survived, and is able to now share humor about the Purple Heart he received.

"My license plate says it. I wouldn't have a purple heart if I was that much faster."

These veterans say though their war days have passed, it's good to know folks are still remembering those who made freedom possible.

Organizers say they hope to make the parade even larger next year, but in the meantime they urge us to continue to support our service men and women in Iraq.