Texans Approve Ban On Same Sex Marriages

The proposition that brought many people out to the polls Tuesday was Proposition 2. It was approved by a wide margin. Proposition two calls for a constitutional ban on same sex marriage. And defines marriage as being only between a man and a woman.

Supporters believe this will protect the sanctity of marriage.

"I'll continue to preach in what the Bible teaches, and I'll be as kind to people who disagree with me as I possibly can. I really believe it's going to safeguard marriage and what it's about." says Charles Roberts of Denman Avenue Baptist Church.

But, those in the homosexual community believe the newly passed amendment will do nothing but tear down the advancements they have made in society.

"In the past 50 years the State of Texas has moved toward more and more inclusion. And now we've written exclusion into the state constitution. It's demoralizing to live in a state where your fellow citizens see a need for this amendment." says Professor Perry Moon, faculty sponsor of SFA's Pride organization.

Some have suggested that proposition 2 is poorly written enough to even endanger common-law marriages in Texas. Same sex marriage is already prohibited under state law.