Some Shelters Are Still Housing Storm Victims

by Ramonica R. Jones

All of the Red Cross shelters in Lufkin have shut down, but hurricane evacuees are still living in various places around town.

A Good Samaritan at the Covenant of Love Ministry is still using her own money to feed and clothe three storm victims at an old nursing home. It's unlikely she'll get any of that money back.

A Red Cross spokesperson says only shelters that had an agreement with the agency will be reimbursed for hurricane-related expenses. That means shelters that voluntarily opened are now on their own.

Pastor Josephine Hughes said, "I've called FEMA maybe ten times or more, and I've gone to Red Cross and, as a last resort, I've gone to some of the ministers here and asked them for assistance, but there was no help there either."

Covenant of Love Ministry will have an all day garage sale Thursday and Friday. It'll be held at the lighthouse on Highway 69 North in Lufkin.