The Flu Vaccine Is Here

It is finally here. The Angelina Counties and Cities Health District will be administering the flu vaccine.

Beginning Thursday at 8:00 a.m., the health district will be giving out hundreds of flu vaccines. Everyone is encouraged to get one. They will begin giving the vaccine Thursday morning and, if there are any left over, they will give them out again on Monday.

They do not expect any flu vaccine shortage this year.

Meredith Stanford, with the health district said, "What we're being told by the state and the Centers for Disease Control, is that we are not expecting a flu vaccine shortage. However, they are giving the vaccine out in percentages of what your order was. They aren't shipping it all at once to make sure everyone gets an allotment at the beginning and, then, we'll receive more vaccines as it become available."

The vaccines will cost $30 for adults, and $10 for children.

The health district will be closed on Friday, because of Veterans Day.