Hundreds Receive Flu Shot

Hundreds of Angelina County residents showed up to get flu shots hoping to prevent sickness.

Daisey Shipman, who received a flu shot, said, "I haven't had the flu in three or four years because I took flu shots and, before that, I've always had the flu."

John Shipman, Daisey's husband, who also received a flu shot, said, "We won't get sick anymore. It's working so far."

Unlike the long lines for shots last year, people were getting in and out the door with no problem.

Shipman said, "We just walked right through it today. It was great."

The short waits were convenient, but health officials anticipated more people. There are no signs of a vaccine shortage in East Texas this year. That could be one reason some people are waiting longer to get vaccinated.

Meredith Sanford, of the Angelina Counties and Cities Health District, said, "We do think that people are hearing there isn't going to be a flu shortage this year, and they are taking their time.  We are encouraging them to get it, especially since holidays are approaching. You want to get your flu vaccine at least two weeks prior to getting into large group settings."

Even with steady lines, there is still plenty of the flu vaccine to go around.

Sanford said, "We encourage the community to come out and get the flu shot.  We are closed Friday, but we are open again on Monday,"

Couples like Daisy and John Shipman just want to stay healthy and enjoy life.

"We want to stay around a little longer," Shipman said.