Red Cross Feeds Families In Need - | Lufkin and Nacogdoches, Texas

11/11/05 - Lufkin

Red Cross Feeds Families In Need

by Ramonica R. Jones

All Friday morning long, cars lined up at the Red Cross distribution center in Lufkin; some packed with storm victims still recovering from spending weeks without food after their power went out during Rita.

Volunteers at the center gave them food, water, and supplies they need to help take care of their families. Hundreds of families have been going there twice a week to pick up bags and boxes of food.

From canned goods and baby food to water and cereal, the Red Cross has distributed tons of food to East Texas families in need.

"This has helped us out a lot because we had people that came in from Beaumont for the hurricane and everything," said Monica Gibson. "We just ran low [on food] so this is really a big help."

The supplies at the distribution center are not just for storm victims or evacuees. The food is provided by East Texans for East Texans.

Brandi Brock said, "I have two kids I gotta feed. We still don't have any food, so we're still trying to cope."

But no one knows how long the help will be available. Everything in the Lufkin warehouse is donated by The Food Bank in Tyler, but now, the Red Cross may have to start paying for shipping.

Volunteer, Elizabeth Futch, said, "We may need donations soon to help finance this project. We're not sure yet, though."

Money isn't the only thing it takes to feed the less fortunate.

"We need manpower, lots of manpower to run a warehouse," said Futch. "You have to put the kits together, you have to move the stuff, you have to keep the area clean so the health department won't get aggravated at us."

A lot of the work at the center is done by Diboll prison inmates, probationers, and folks who just want to help. If you can't lend a helping hand, you can drop off donations at the warehouse on South First Street, right across from the Pentecostal campground in Lufkin.

The Red Cross distribution center gives out food every Wednesday and Friday from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.

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