What Every RV Owner Should Know About Awnings

by: Harv Jagger

An RV awning is a great addition to any RV. While there are many different types and grades of awning covers for RVs available, they fall into two main categories: Vinyl and Acrylic (i.e. Sunbrella).

One note about fabric color that most people don't realize is that awning fabric comes in all sorts of color options, but awnings that are light colored, or go from stripes to a light solid are generally cooler and more efficient than solid, dark colors.

Dark colors tend to absorb heat and can defeat the purpose of having an awning for cool shade.

For relaxing in the great outdoors, an rv retractable awning is the answer. When the sun gets too hot, or a passing shower ruins your outdoor plans, or you worry about the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays, the solution is an awning.

Some awnings have material all the way up to the awning rail on the side of the RV, and some have a metal weather guard, which wraps around the awning when stowed for travel.

Awnings also offer many other benefits and accessories that can greatly increase the versatility and usefulness that the RVer will appreciate.

Because they prevent the sun from shining through windows and glass, they can keep temperatures inside your RV cooler - and they can help prevent carpets and furniture from fading.

RV screened awning room options can easily add a virtually bug-free "outdoor room," and side screening cuts down on wind and mist coming under the sides of awnings.

One of the biggest issues with RV awnings is the accumulation of water on the awning itself and/or wind damage.

If you've ever awakened overnight to a thunderstorm with your awning sagging alarmingly and if you've ever tried to empty the gallons of water that has collected in that sagging awning, then that's one "joy " of camping that you don't need to go through.

When using your awning, THINK! It's no more than common sense, really. Watch the weather, and set the awning up appropriately.

Remember, the RV awning is primarily designed as a sunshade. If, perhaps, it starts to sprinkle a bit and also kicks up a mild breeze - don't worry - your RV awning can handle that.

But if those dark clouds are building on the horizon, then you really should consider rolling up. And you really should consider rolling up, NOW.

If you suspect a strong wind or storm is coming then the safest thing to do is roll up the awning.

Here's a tip to consider before you purchase an rv awning.

RV awning comparison. The Internet is a great place to help compare brands, prices, and product options. Some companies sell awnings directly from their factory which can translate into big savings for you.

A retractable rv awning is a very low cost investment that provides big returns in comfort and enjoyment. It's almost like getting an extra room on your vehicle. It allows you to expand your living space, and at the same time, adds value to your recreational vehicle.

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