Maximizing Storage Options For Travel In Your Motorhome or RV

by David Arnold Livingston

With stories of the recent flood in New Orleans hugging the headline of every newspaper in the country, it will not be surprising if motorhomes become suddenly in demand. And why not? motorhomes are flexible because they can travel from one place to another. In case, disaster strikes, the family can easily transfer from one location to another.

Some families only use motorhomes when they travel to other states or when they go on picnics and nature trekking. Others however are seriously looking into making motorhomes their permanent address.

One problem with motorhomes is the small space for storage that it provides. Let's face it, one cannot have a motorhome as large as one's house. That would cause a major traffic... that is if the motorhome is even permitted to cruise on the streets. motorhomes are frequently small, having just enough space for one person. While families can make use of the storage space, the space is not enough for a long stay. This is another problem with motorhomes. Except for motorhomes that are custom-built, most are not meant for a long-term stay. This is also the reason why there is usually limited storage space in the vehicle.

Despite the disadvantage brought on by the small amount of storage space, there are people who still choose to make motorhomes their permanent homes. HOw do they deal with the storage space problem?

Here are some tips that can help you solve the storage problems in your motorhomes.

Keep everything to a minimum

Storage will only be a problem if you have a lot of things to store. Keep your things at the barest essentials and only bring to the motorhome things that you will really need.

Create an illusion of space

To create an illusion that you actually have more storage space than you actually have, you will need to learn to organize the space. Keep it clean and clutter-free. Use various organizers and storage solutions that will help you minimize the storage space that your things occupy.

It's all in the furniture

If you can buy furniture that can be folded and kept in storage in one corner, all the better. There are also some in the market that have double purposes, such as a couch that becomes a bed when unfolded.

It is also wise to buy furniture and storage solutions that are tall and thin. Wide furniture will only make the motorhome appear cramped. With tall and thin furniture, you are taking advantage of the height. This way, you can use the other available space for storing other things.

Protect from movement

It is essential that you shock-proof your stuff from movements and acceleration. It is in fact advisable to only buy items that are not so fragile as there is a likelihood that they will fall off when the motorhome travels. Figurines and glass vases should be avoided. Necessities like drinking glasses and plates should be stored properly. Make sure also that you screw wall paintings and pictures well as they might fall off when the vehicle accelerates or suddenly stops.

Happy travels in your motorhome!

About the Author

David Arnold Livingston loves to travel with his family and one of his favorite methods is by motorhome and RV. As a resource, he recommends: A Motorhomes Z