Holiday Shopping Already

by Jessica Cervantez

Stores around East Texas are stocked up with decorations and gifts, and already, stores like Target are welcoming holiday shoppers.

Brenda Black, an early shopper, said, "Today is my first day, but I want to get it done early."

Kris Hoepfner, a Target manager, said sales numbers are already looking good.

Black said she is not spending less, just making a few changes so she doesn't overspend.

Black said, "I gave my kids and grandkids a list with five things for them to pick so I don't go overboard."

The only complaint the Target manager has is that it's hard to sell sweaters and jackets when it's 80 degrees outside. That's merchandise they'd like to get off the racks.

Hoepfner said, "We're going to have to talk to you all about that."

He was joking, but he hopes that some cool weather would help sell the merchandise.

As holidays continue to approach, stores will only get busier. That is why it is a good idea to avoid getting caught shopping at the last minute.

Many retailers say they are preparing for the biggest shopping day of the year, the day after Thanksgiving.