Primary Student Urinated On By Classmate

When Regina Brown sent her kindergartner to school last week, she had no idea he'd come home reeking of urine. But her son hadn't had an accident, he'd been urinated on by another little boy.

"My son was the one who told me that he had been urinated on," Brown said. "At the time, I really did not believe him because I could not believe that he had been urinated on by another student and I was not notified. He was neglected, and there were several adults involved in this, and someone could have notified me, and they failed to do that."

The incident happened around 1:00 p.m. last Thursday at Corrigan Primary School, which means Regina's son sat in class for another two hours after being urinated on.

Corrigan-Camden superintendent, Tom Bowman, said, "In defense of our teachers and staff, they watch a lot of kids, and they're responsible for a lot of students and a lot of different situations. I would imagine, in this case, we could've done a little better job of communicating. Sure, we could've called the parents a little more quickly, but unfortunately, we didn't, and I feel like we'll take care of it."

Regina's son went back to class the next day, and the student who urinated on him was disciplined at school.

No one knows why the other student did what he did but, despite the delayed reaction from teachers, Superintendent Bowman said he's confident in his faculty and the safe learning environment they provide for their students.

None of the teachers who knew about the incident were disciplined, but superintendent Bowman said they talked about how they could have better handled the situation.