Police Departments Are Always Needing New Recruits

Kevin Jackson recently joined the Lufkin Police Department. He has been training for two months now, and he is enjoying it already.

Jackson said, "I like the excitement, and the work is constant. I like the adrenaline rush. It's just a lot of fun."

Four new recruits have joined the police department. Lt. Greg Denman says they are constantly looking for new men and women.

Lt. Deman said, "There's constant work. There's always crime, and cities are getting bigger."

Police departments are looking for recruits like Jackson, since baby boomers are now retiring, and it won't be long before Lt. Denman retires himself.

Another reason officers are leaving police departments is for federal law enforcement jobs or private sector jobs. Denman says there is a place for everyone, and they are always looking for good officers to join their team.