Recycling Old Electronics In Nacogdoches

East Texas residents brought old electronics buy the truckload to be recycled today at Keep Nacogdoches Beautiful's first ever E-Recycle Day.

Kent Hutchinson with Keep Nacogdoches Beautiful said, "What we've done is asked businesses and individuals to bring all of they old electronic equipment. The community has really embraced this project because what we've done is saved landfill space by recycling this electronic equipment."

They have also made the environment safer with this recycling. "When you have chemicals like this that break down into the water, it is not safe," Hutchinson said.

Ann Garrigan volunteered to help out at the E-Recycle Day event. She said, "I just really feel strongly about the environment and preserving nature."

The materials from the old electronics like metal and plastic will be used here in East Texas. Organizers were overwhelmed by the response. They believe we are helping ourselves when we protect our planet.