Is It Time For U.S. Troops To Pull Out Of Iraq?

by Larry Little

There is growing debate here in East Texas as well on whether the troops should be brought home.

No matter where you go in East Texas, there is a lot of support and praise for our troops, but with that, comes opinions on whether they should be at war in Iraq... from future generations...

"I personally don't believe in war, and I do believe we should help others but war is not the solution but I do support our troops.  I think it is time they come home."  says East Texan Jessica Choate.

And past generations also have an opinion.

"I think it sad because we've lost a lot of people we shouldn't have lost." says Rhonda Whitley.

Charles Cates served in the Army during the Vietnam War. He says the war in Iraq is similar to the Vietnam War.

"I don't think we belong... I think we should set a timetable and get out."

"We have people over there committed to us, you put their lives on the line so you got to get a timetable to get out, you just can't get out and go... I don't believe that."

But what Charles and some people in East Texas believe enough is enough.  Though there are different opinions among everyone we randomly spoke with, they all agree until there is a solution our thoughts and prayers should be with our soldiers even if we don't support the cause.