Lufkin Veterans Get Ready To Feed Fellow Vets This Holiday

Veterans are always striving to make a difference in the quality of live for those here in East Texas, and though they've left the battlefield, their fight to help those in need continues.

Bill Love spent 20 years in the air force fighting for freedom.

"When I first went in I was a cook... a hash slinger and after that I got transferred into 9 1/2 years of transportation up until I retired."

Bill is not much of a cook these days.

"I can cook if I get hungry enough, but I have a good wife that takes care of me, so I don't have to worry about cooking."

Instead, Bill and other vets with the Disabled American Veterans spend time fighting hunger, helping all veterans and their families in a time of need.

"It makes me feel good to get out and help people that needs the help."

After standing in front of East Texas stores for hours collecting donations members of the DAV will supply turkeys and Thanksgiving Dinners Tuesday to feed veterans who otherwise would have go without a Thanksgiving day meal.

"That's the reason we are here to help them of course it makes me feel good, when you walk in these houses you can feel the joy in their hearts."

The Disabled American Veteran members say they are not able to help everyone. After recent disasters, they saw an increase in the number of veterans in need.

Now, they challenge folks in East Texas to contact a charity to make sure everyone has a happy Thanksgiving.

The DAV says they will give out about 176 take home Thanksgiving meals this year.