Former SFA President Back On Campus

Dr. Dan Angel has written a children's book that he reads to students at SFA/NISD Charter School, which he started during his presidency. Angel has written two biographies, edited several textbooks and published numerous articles, but none of them are as dear to him as 'Candy Bar Surprise'. It's the story about a coach and a sibling rivalry. Angel recalled, "I vividly remember the day this happened. I was the team coach and this is my daughter and son."

Proceeds from book sales made during angel's visit were shared with the early childhood lab and the charter school. Angel will be giving the book to his own children on Christmas. They don't know he's written it.

The children are now grown. Angel and his wife Pat live in West Virginia. Angel is on the faculty of Marshall University from which he retired as president last year. He compliments SFA for its accomplishments. Angel commented, "The university looks like it's doing well and that's what you hope for when you've been a president. You want to continue to see it do well."

During his visit Angel reacquainted himself with former colleagues and documented his service at SFA by signing a historic bible containing the signatures of all the SFA presidents.