WHMC Gives To Hospice In The Pines

It can be difficult for families to provide end-of-life care for their dying loved ones. Hospice in the Pines has opened an inpatient facility for families that cannot give pain management at home.

Woodland Heights Medical Center donated six beds to the inpatient unit. The donation offers the patient a more comfortable stay while making the caregiver's job a little easier.

Woodland Heights made the donation after buying 93 more technologically advanced beds for its nursing center.

Nurse Terri Purvis, director of inpatient services, said, "Hospice in the Pines is the only non for profit hospice in the area, so we depend solely on contributions and this is a major contribution because new beds run anywhere from $10,000 to $25,000."

The hospice inpatient unit is located inside Memorial Hospital in Lufkin.