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11/22/05 - Nacogdoches

Legislator Reacts To School Finance Court Ruling

The Texas Supreme Court says school districts are illegally taxing property owners to pay for public education. The high court says Texas must find a new way to fund schools by June 1st or else classrooms will remain closed in the fall.

The long awaited ruling has lawmakers scrambling to read the court opinion. State Representative Roy Blake Jr. started reviewing it Tuesday morning shortly after it was made public. Blake along with the rest of the legislature failed to remedy the system during the last two regular sessions and three 30-day special sessions called by Governor Perry. Blake believes the ruling will keep lawmakers focused next time. Blake said, "I think what this court ruling will do in a positive way will help narrow the focus for the legislature. We now know what needs to be fixed. Before we were trying to fix a product that we weren't quite sure what all was broken."

Many school superintendents in Blake's district have criticized him for not representing them well on the school finance issue. Just a week and a half ago Blake met with school administrators to remedy some of those hard feelings.

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