Missing Woman Contacts Mother

Amber McEntire telephoned and talked to her mother Tuesday. Nacogdoches County Sheriff Thomas Kerss has put a trace on the call, but suspects McEntire and her boyfriend Darrel Yates III are along the Mexican border. The couple has been missing since October 1st. On November 5th the decomposed body of Harold Harris was found behind the couple's house.

Sheriff Kerss says McEntire indicated to her mother that they had sold their car for cash. Friends had loaned them money prior to their disappearance.

A Nacogdoches County Grand Jury subpoena was needed to convince a reluctant friend of Yates from Houston to testify. District Attorney Stephanie Stephens explained, "On the rare occasion law enforcement runs into a witness that's not very cooperative sometimes the answer is to issue a grand jury subpoena and have that person come and appear before the grand jury and give both the grand jury as well as the attorney representing the state an opportunity to question them and try to find out what information it is they might have about a crime."

A non conventional route of investigation is working with America's Most Wanted. The popular television show will feature the case Saturday. Chief Deputy Mike Claude will be in Washington D.C. at the show's studio to take any tips. That is if the couple isn't found before then.

Anyone with any information about Amber McEntire or Darrel Yates III should call the Nacogdoches County Sheriff's Department or your local Crimestoppers.