Shopping Safety Tips

Traditionally, the Friday following Thanksgiving is the busiest shopping day of the year. Criminals look for easy opportunity. They look for vulnerable shoppers. Here are some ways to keep their eyes off of you.
*Be aware of your surroundings.
*Display confidence by walking with a purpose.
*Carry what you need and keep your purse close to your body.
*Unload packages frequently, but secure them in your car trunk.

You also want to protect your identity. Nacogdoches Police Detective Greg Johnson says, "Identity theft is on the rise. It's our fastest growing crime. Right now we're having trouble keeping up with it. Make sure you get all your receipts. If you use credit or debit cards keep those receipts and check them against your bank statement."

Johnson advises shoppers not to hesitate to ask for security escort or even call the police if you feel uneasy. Having your keys ready is always a good idea.