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11/25/05-Mt. Sylvan

Streets Of Speed: Highway 110 Drives Careen Through Mt. Sylvan

Some folks in a small East Texas community fear it's just a matter of time before speeders hit children. Kids who are only trying to catch their school bus.

In northwest Smith County, Highway 110 in the community of Mount Sylvan has a speed limit of just 40 miles an hour.  

We clocked driver after driver going well over that limit.

Mount Sylvan is a quiet town with what should be a fairly quiet road.

The speed limit along Highway 110 drops quickly to 40 miles an hour, and there's a good reason for that. Right around a bend in the road is a school bus stop where busses drop off children.

"There's three children that get on there," says John Jones, who has lived along 110 for 14 years. He says the traffic today is worse than ever.

"Someone's going to be coming around the corner some morning and they're not going to be paying attention.  The bus is going to be stopped and there's going to be an accident.

"I've yelled at [drivers], but all I get is the usual little gesture or the horn blowing."

A few tickets have been handed out, says Mr. Jones.  But it hasn't really helped slow people down.

He just prays drivers get the message before it's too late.

"Treat this like their own home. Would they want someone driving past their own home at this speed, especially if they have children?" asks Jones.

Highway 110 is becoming a popular shortcut to Tyler for many coming off Interstate 20.  Mr. Jones says several years ago a shoulder was added to the roadway at that point, at which time he says drivers started going even faster.

Morgan Palmer, reporting.


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