Salvation Army Runs Out Of Debit Cards

Every year, the Salvation Army in Lufkin feeds hundreds of people on Thanksgiving.

But, it won't happen this year. Because of Hurricanes Rita and Katrina, the Salvation Army will not be able to host a dinner. Instead, they gave out $50 debit cards, so people in need could buy food.

But, the demand for the cards was so high, they ran out, making some folks unhappy.

Capt. Lola Maldonado, with the Salvation Army, said, "We gave out $51-thousand in debit cards and we can only give what we have, and we don't have."

The Salvation Army handed out as many groceries as possible. Hurricane evacuees are especially thankful for the help.

Carmen Anderson, who is a Hurricane Katrina evacuee, said, "It was a blessing to make it out of New Orleans."

After running out of both debit cards and groceries, there is nothing more the Salvation Army can do. They say they did what they could to have East Texans have a happy holiday