Kick the Habit

by Jessica Cervantez

Thursday marks one week since two East Texans kicked their bad habit, smoking.

Steve Halsell and Kim Iribarren gave up smoking on the Great American Smoke-out. It has now been about a week, and Steve says, although he has had urges, he hasn't lit a cigarette. He says the Nicorette gum is really helping.

Kim, who has been smoking for 30 years, is having a difficult time. Over the weekend, she gave in to temptation, and smoked a pack of cigarettes.

Iribarren said, "Disgusting, I feel disgusting. I can't believe I have let a cigarette have that much control over my life."

On Monday, Kim once again gave up smoking. Statistics show that relapses are very common, and sometimes it takes up to six or seven times before you can completely give up smoking.