Woman Mauled by Dogs

Authorities are waiting to see whether or not the remains of six dogs check positive for rabies. The dogs were allegedly involved in a deadly attack of a 76-year old woman in Thorndale. Investigators say the dogs showed no signs of fight training and charges against the owner are unlikely.

Milam County Sheriff Charlie West says that he and District Attorney Kerry Spears have been unable to conclude that owner Jose Hernandez committed a felony, but a misdemeanor citation is possible. Hernandez kept the Pitbull-Rottweiler mixed breed dogs in a pen behind a chain link fence.

The dogs attacked Lillian Loraine Stiles as she drove her riding lawn mower in her front yard. She died at the scene on Saturday. Her husband managed to shoot and kill one of the dogs, but the other five were euthanized after the attack. Their remains have been sent to be tested for rabies.

Authorities say Hernandez is cooperating in the investigation and told authorities his young grandchildren had played with the dogs without incident.