Supreme Court Abortion Case Could Affect Texas

Protesters for and against abortion have been lining up and chanting outside the Supreme Court building. Inside the doors, another battle is happening. The debate over a New Hampshire law requiring parental notification before minors can have an abortion. It is the same law here in Texas. A judge can waive the requirement.

But, a major argument involves whether there should also be emergency medical exceptions.

Paula Havard, director of the Pregnancy HELP center, said, "Anything that happens at the Supreme Court level can eventually have an effect for us in Texas.

Havard believes in notifying parents before abortions can happen. She doesn't think medical exceptions to the law are needed.

Havard said, "My question is, 'How often would that emergency occur? Are we trying to correct a law for a minority of what happens or a majority?' If we create a law for the worst case scenario, we will leave ourselves open for interpretation."

Michelle Green of Planned Parenthood has a different opinion. She would like doctors to have more power to make abortion decisions.

Green said, "The point is to be able to make that call right then to treat the patient and to give the quality care the patient needs. It's the doctors, not the judges, that should have control over this. They are the medical professionals."

For now, the agencies will leave it up to the courts to decide what is best.