Workforce Solutions Hires a Familiar Face

Maria Kassabaum retired from working six months ago, but today was her first day as district manager for Workforce Solutions in Deep East Texas. "Before, I used to be an area manager for the Texas Workforce Commission, and it was also for the 12 counties. So, I'm very familiar with all the programs, and I'm very familiar with all the Workforce centers. So, it's not like I'm new," says Maria Kassabaum.

Maria is new to Workforce Solutions, but she's not new to Lufkin. She got her start  here, working as a  Lufkin police officer.

"[I was the] first Hispanic and female police officer back in 1976. So, I have worked with the public for a long time. I love to work with the public, and it seems like I have always stayed in the service part of working with the public," says Maria.

Maria is not a Lufkin police officer anymore, but she hopes to continue protecting and serving her community by keeping people employed. She plans to do that by establishing strong relationships with East Texas businesses.

"I would really like to become known in the community where, if employers have a job opening or if they need some kind of training or information or any kind of service, I'm hoping we will get to establish a good working relationship," says Maria.