Top Three Traffic Violations - | Lufkin and Nacogdoches, Texas

12/02/05 - Lufkin

Top Three Traffic Violations

by Jessica Cervantez

It is no surprise that police officers in East Texas stop more cars for speeding than anything else. But, what about the next top reasons for getting pulled over?

Police officers in East Texas stop more cars for speeding than any other violation. Failing to control speed is also a common violation. The third most common reason drivers are pulled over may come as a surprise.

Eduardo Ibarra, traffic officer for the Lufkin police department, said that the third most common reason is, "people failing to yield for emergency vehicles, like officers when they have stopped a car or when paramedics are responding to an emergency."

When officers have cars pulled over on the side of a road, other drivers should slow down when they pass, or move over to another lane.

Do you know what you are supposed to or not supposed to do when you are stopped by a cop? Officers say, surprisingly, they run into a lot of people that don't know what to do.

Ibarra said, "A lot of times, the violator is doing some type of evasive action, like reaching back for their wallet, or down for their purse, or in the glove compartment, and we don't know what they are reaching for."

Officers know this may sound like common sense but, by getting the word out, they are hoping to keep area streets and highways even safer. Ibarra says he usually writes about 25 tickets a day.

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