Center Community in Shock

by Larry Little

Felicia Crawford should have celebrated her 30th birthday December first, but her life was cut short. Folks living in the Union Acres apartment complex in Center are in shock. "She was a sweet person, every time you would see her she would speak. It's just so sad this happened", says Linda Evans.

"It's just a tragedy from what I heard happened to her," says Shirley Rucker. Shirley Rucker has lived in the apartment community for 12 years. She didn't know Don Earl Haskin, the man accused of murdering Crawford, but she is familiar with the violence that haunts the neighborhood. "Some years back, a guy killed some people outside, but this was different, the first time it ever happened inside of an apartment," says Shirley.

Folks in the complex are now concerned about their own safety, and some are even considering moving. "It makes me want to move. It makes my little girl want to move. She says it's just terrible out here. And folks say, 'Shirley, you should move from there because it is really getting bad,'" says Shirley.

Funeral services are at 2:00 p.m. Monday, December 5 at the Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church in Center. Crawford leaves behind a daughter.