More Homeowners Paying Holiday Decorators

by Ramonica R. Jones

An East Texas woman badly hurt in an accident at her home over the weekend is still recovering in an intensive care unit. Debbie Johnston is in critical condition in a Lufkin hospital with a fractured skull.

Johnston was in her attic Saturday morning getting Christmas decorations when she fell through sheetrock, landing on the concrete floor in her garage. She had surgery to relieve some of the swelling in her skull.

Debbie Johnston is the spokesperson for the Abitibi paper mill.

Accidents like these happen far too often. It's one reason many people now pay a professional to help them decorate their homes.

You wait all year to do it but, when the holidays finally roll around, you dread the thought of all the work involved in hanging Christmas lights.

Nacogdoches resident Larry Malone said, "The first issue is time constraints. I'm very busy at this time of year, so I felt like it would better if I paid someone to do it. It takes me a lot longer to do it."

After years of decorating his own home, Malone is now one of many East Texans who'd rather pay to leave the holiday decorating to someone else.

Brandon Burke, owner of Christmas Lights by Brandon, said, "People, as they get older, don't want to get on the high pitches on their roof, and you have the risk of slipping and falling; and plus with me, I've been doing this for a couple of years now, and I can pretty much tell people how many feet of lights they need and stuff like that."

Decking the halls of your home with friends and family is something most people look forward to. You still can, because Brandon only decorates the outside. It can take him anywhere from two to five hours to get your house done, time you can spend shopping or spreading a little holiday cheer of your own.

Depending on the size of your home and the kind of decorations you want, you can get your house decorated for as little as $50. There's also a fee to take down the lights.

For more information, contact Brandon Burke at or call (936) 615-1646.