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Deck The Halls Finalist #6

Finalist #6 Finalist #6

Nine Reasons Why My Family Should Be Selected:

  1. With a family of five boys, holidays can sometimes bring mixed feelings; i.e., the joy of expression, but the sadness of limited finances.

  2. We are a grateful family that understands both the blessing of giving and the humility of receiving.

  3. Can you imagine the “wear and tear” in a home that a house full of boys can bring? The numerous repairs and constant cleaning requires more attention than the resources available.

  4. Every young boy loves the adventure that a good bicycle provides. With so many boys to satisfy, sometimes their dreams end up flat or broken.

  5. I promised a cruise to my wife for our 5th anniversary. Instead, our first child arrived. So, I made a promise for our 10th, and then 15th anniversary, but more sons were still arriving. By our 20th anniversary, we were too broke to consider one! Maybe Holiday Travel Agency can book one before our 25th.

  6. My wife tends to care more for her husband and children than her own desires. Would you begrudge a husband who appreciated her enough to adorn her in fine jewelry in appreciation for the years of love and sacrifice?

  7. We are a host home for the youth in our community. Twice a month, about 25 high school students meet for fellowship. We provide a safe and fun atmosphere with an emphasis on good morals and strong character development.

  8. As a family, for three days and two nights, we had the privilege of assisting and caring for almost 800 Rita evacuees in a shelter at Lufkin First Assembly of God.

  9. We are thankful for the opportunity that KTRE and their sponsors are providing. However the outcome of this contest, we have learned to be content in all things.

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