Fire Danger Remains High

The City of Nacogdoches and surrounding areas continue to be a significant wildfire danger. In spite of recent rains, vegetation, brush, and trees will require a prolonged time period of significant rainfall to change this danger.

Residents are reminded to review the following simple precautions and take action to make property safer and lessen the threat of wildland fire damage:

* LPG tanks should be far enough away from buildings for valves to be shut off in case of fire. Keep the area around the tank clear of flammable vegetation.

* Store gasoline in approved safety containers away from residences and other occupied buildings.

* All combustibles such as firewood, wooden picnic tables, boats, stacked lumber, etc. should be kept away from structures.

*Clear roof surfaces and gutters regularly to avoid a build-up of flammable materials such as leaves and other debris.

* If there are many large trees adjacent to your house, remove lower branches to a height of 15 feet or more.

* Clear a fuel break area of all grass, brush, and other vegetation from around all structures. This helps create a defensible barrier for firefighters.

* Keep fire tools handy such as a ladder (long enough to reach roofs), shovel, rake, and a bucket or two for water.

* Place connected garden hoses at all sides of your home for emergency use.

* Talk with all family members about what to do in an emergency and ensure that family members know all emergency exits from both the residence and neighborhood.

* Remember, it is unlawful to conduct open burning of brush, trash, and debris within the City of Nacogdoches.

* Stay alert and report any grass or brush fires and any unlawful burning immediately to the fire department (by using 911).